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Visitor Privacy...

MBI Trailers values the privacy of all visitors to our website. We do not employ any software or means to collect any personal information from visitors. We do collect visit data related to originating IP address, date & time of visit, browser or user agent id utilized to visit our site. This collected data is used to guage server and page performance.

Cookies are not used on this site to record visits or to collect any data.

We do utilize software on this server to attempt to record potentially hostile probes that could jeopardize or compromise server security. Visits - human or non-human - that are viewed as potentially hostile in nature or are interpretted as unwanted probes are recorded, investigated and all appropriate actions are taken to insure server security is maintained. This may include the permanent banning of originating IP's from access to this site.

Our Maillists are subscriber-based and no email address is added to any maillist unless requested. Subscribers to any maillist on may unsubscribe or leave the list at any time they wish.

MBI Trailers does not participate in or condone the sending of unsolicited email or SPAM. We monitor our site and take steps to insure that no unsolicited emails are sent from our server.

Terms of Use...

All images, graphics and data on this site are the property of MBI Trailers, Inc. and may not be copied or reproduced without the knowledge or permission of MBI Trailers. Customers and potential customers of MBI Trailers may print any page and the data and images on that page for their own use or to use for information purposes when contacting MBI Trailers about item specifics, availability or pricing.